About Our Company


At JETSKIMOTO.COM, We Know Jetskis! We are the Most Original shop in the US-We have been Owned By and operated from the same location since the year 2018. We have seen the evolution in the recreational watercraft sport and we have evolved to match the market with completive products and prices. Our showroom has been renovated multiple times of the years and now our new state of the art workshop has gone through a brand new metamorphosis. We believe Our new workshop is the cleanest and advanced workshop in the US.       

jetskimoto.com is all about diversity of brands and product support. Hence no matter what you ride, you can leave it here in our hands with out a trace of worry. Weather you are looking for a scheduled jetski service, to a fully customized ride, we can help you.



We aim to Provide you the ultimate in Jetski support. jetskimoto.com started in the year 2018, Our company offers Sales on New  Jetskis, Maintenance services, Upgrades and repairs to all jetskis.


We are committed to sharing our passion and knowledge for everything jetski. Adventure lifestyle provided through our club ride days and straight forward service that works for you.


Our goal towards our clients is to resolve all Jetski repair issues in a warm and professional environment to inspire their delight every time. We hope to win every customer’s trust and confidence of being treated fairly and honestly.